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What is Let There Be Light Plastic Restoration Products? 

​Let There Be Light manufactures and distributes quality high performance do-it-yourself plastic headlight lens restoration products. Since headlight oxidation is due to plastic gradually experiencing a noticeable change, the only suitable option is to manually remove the damage, condition it, and protect it. Our kits contain Let Thre Be Light's UV polymer coating that is sprayed onto the lens (a solid, scratch-resistant, UV protectant) to protect headlight lenses from fading in the final stage of the restoration process.  This single product alone differentiates us from the rest! Our restoration products professionally remove the layers of oxidation and renew plastic vehicle headlight to a "like new" finish with the longest lasting results on the market today. In addtion...our water based products are environmentally safe and will pose no damage to your vehicle's paint, chrome, or rubber.


I have seen other headlight restoration products in stores and advertised on T.V.  What is the difference between Let There Be Light restoration kits and the other products out there?

Yes, there are other lens restoration products available. These liquid restorers merely "fill in" what little damage they can equal to a second rate band-aid providing a temporary fix, only to have the oxidation return a few weeks later.  Let There Be Light is a true headlight restoration method.  We manually get down to the bare plastic. Then we condition the lens and finish with a UV protectant. The main difference is that our products bring the plastic lens back to its original finish, whereas most prducts just apply a cleaner that soon wears off.  Our product removes surface damage and fully restores the original UV protectant coating to your lens.  Our UV coating will not yellow with age and will last for years. Let There Be Light Restoration Products are cost effective and will save you money in the long run!


Isn't the cloudy appearance coming from the inside of the headlight lens cover?

This only occurs with a very small percent of cloudy headlights where the cloudy appearance is actually coming from the inside of the headlight lens cover. This is a misconception most people have but, in fact almost all cloudy headlights are a result of oxidation on the outside of the headlight lens cover. However, condensation can build up on the inside of the lens cover from water because of a cracked headlight or faulty seal. In most cases the heat from the headlamp usually helps dissipate the moisture through the vents. If your headlight lens is cracked you will need to replace the entire headlight assembly.


How clear can you get my headlight lenses and how long will it last?

Our plastic headlight restoration products can restore the clarity of your headlights up to 95% or more. It is guaranteed to last for years.  Not only will Let There Be Light plastic headlight restoration products restore the appearance of your plastic headlight lenses but, they will increase your driving safety.


Do you have to remove the headlights in order to clean them?

No, you do not have to remove the headlights.  Our process is intended to be done with your headlights in place. Our product's tested results, will leave you well assured that your vehicle is in good hands...every step of the way!



How many vehicles can your kits restore and does it matter the vehicle type?  Will it do brake lights too?

At Let There Be Light we have several restoration kits to fit your budget.  Our plastic headlight lens restoration kits range from our 1 car kit (restores 2 lenses), 3 car kit (restores up to 6 lenses) to our 15 car kit (restores up to 30 lenses).  Each kit professionally restores any make, model or year.  Yes, it can also restore brake lights, tail lights, running lights, side lights, side markers, dome lights, gauges, the emergency light bars...anything that is hard PET plastic, arcylic, Lucite, Lexan and polycarbonate plastic.


How long will your UV protectant (coating) last in worst case scenarios (e.g.; a high mileage vehicle that is always parked in the open)?  Is there any manintenace involved after the initial restoration (like waxing or recoating)?

Our product has been on the market for 12 years.  So far lenses that were restored 7 years ago are still shiny and clear today, due in part to our high performance UV Protectant. ​ Let There Be Light's UV Protectant is an innovative water based permanent liquid polymer (laminate) that will not yellow with age.  This fact alone ensures that our kits provide the longest lasting results on the market today.


No, once you apply the Let There Be Light UV Protectant in the Stage 3: Protecting, the restoration process is complete. We only ask that you wait 24 hours for the coating to fully cure before running the vehicle through a carwash. No waxing or re-coating maintenance is required.


Can this restoration process damage my headlight and my car?

Although you will be manually sanding the oxidation off from the lens, you are actually stripping off the damaged top layer.  Most headlight lenses are made of polycarbonate material that is 1/8” to a 1/4" thick. Using our restoration method you will only be removing a small fraction, less than 1/38” in most cases, from the overall lens thickness. 


All of our products are water soluble and will not harm your vehicle's finish. Let There Be Light's conditioners and protectants are a proprietary blend of lubricants, and UV inhibitors specifically formulated for repairing, renewing and protecting plastic surfaces. 


Why don't I just buy new headlights?

Sure you can but, after you see what dealers will charge you, we know you will agree that our restoration product is the best choice! Here is just an example of what DEALERS will charge you just for one headlight. Keep in mind that this does not include their installation labor charges!


2001 Ford Mustang - $278.00 each

2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser - $137.00 each

2002 Lexus Gs300 - $301.00 each

1998 Ford Crown Victoria - $109.00 each

1995 Dodge Villager - $312.00 each

1997 BMW 528i - $332.00 each

2001 BMW 530i - $397.00 each

2002 Mercedes S500 - $1,171.00 each

1996 Ford Escort - $132.00 each

1996 Dodge 1500 P/U - $108.00 each

1996 Ford Cobra - $202.00 each

2005 Chrysler pacifica headlights - $376.00 each


Do you have to remove the headlights in order to clean them?

No, you do not have to remove the headlights.  Our process is intended to be done with your headlights in place. Our product's tested results will leave you well assured that your vehicle is in good hands...every step of the way!

I recently purchased your kit.  Are there any tips you can share regarding the usage?

Yes, the following is a list of tips to maximize the restoration method. We also suggest you watch our 3 step videos to ensure the maximum results.






1.  It is important to remember to always keep your work area clean, take your time and carefully check your work at every stage

     of the restoration process.


2.  Restoration should be performed in the shade above 50º F in an environment that is shielded from or free of wind.


3.  Do not perform restoration if vehicle will be exposed to rain or snow during or within 10 minutes of process.


4.  You may tape the surrounding headlight area using blue painters tape, should you want an easier cleanup.


5.  After Stage 2: Conditioning, take the alcohol swab and wipe the entire lens to remove any conditioner residue.


6.  Apply onlya few sprays of the ceramic coating. Remember... a little goes along way. Use the micro fiber towel to rub in the spray. Flip the towel and buff the spray to a lustre shine!


I have seen your video and I am very interested in your product for my retail shop. Is it possible to see a hands on product demonstration for me and my staff?

​Certainly,  if you are interested in providing our products to your customers and are in the San Francisco California Bay Area, call us at 510.303-3049 to set-up a demo appointment.  We will gladly come to your site and demonstrate our products to you step-by-step and answer any questions you and your staff may have.


I am interested in case quantities at a discounted rate.  Can you fulfill this request?

​Yes, call us at 510.303-3049 or email us at ltbl@comcast.net and we will provide with our volume discount pricing data.  Tell us what you looking for and we will be glad to work with you on the best pricing structure based on your needs.


I am interested in being a distributor or possibly private labeling.  How do I go about setting this up?

​Yes, call us at 510.303-3049 or email us at ltblheadlightrestoration@gmail.com and we will negotiate a deal that will allow you a healthy profit return. Tell us what you looking for and we will be glad to work with you on the best product and marketing package.

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