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LTBL Vehicle Plastic Protectant - 2 OZ.

LTBL Vehicle Plastic Protectant - 2 OZ.

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This super absorbing 9H ceramic coating will give your lenses that showroom finish. After you have restored your headlights to perfection you cant afford not to protect your work with our super premium protection. Comes with our microfiber towel and simply easy instructions for a beautiful showroom finish!


No need to use obsolete products to protect your vehicle lenses. Our nano ceramic technology fills in the pores and valleys of the top substrate with thousands of nano particles bonded by ceramic. With strong hydrophobic properties it seals the surface to repel harmful contaminates. Si02 Silica Dioxide (glass) and Ti02 Titanium Dioxide (UV Protectant) work together to give a covalent bond (filling pores) that will not be removed by washing like waxes or temporary coatings.


LTBL Premium Ceramic Coating 2 oz
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