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About Us

About Us


While driving at night, Dan had trouble seeing the night highway signs clearly.  He noticed that his headlights were somewhat cloudy & yellowed.  So, he called the dealer and was told that they could replace the lights but, that it would cost $200.00 each!  We knew there had to be another solution!


After much more research, we quickly learned that there are many "so called" products out there.  Sure they addressed the problem, but they were basically "wipe on" products that offer a temporary shine to pacify the impatient crowd.  Others offer abrasive methods, but they do not provide lasting results.  Both "styles" of approach don't have any concern for long lasting results.  


After much research and development, we created a product that has been thoroughly and successfully tested time and time again on friends and customers vehicles...and the results are just amazing!


We have without a doubt an outstanding professional restoration product that we have to share with others!

Meet the Business Owner

Let There Be Light Headlight Restoration

Daniel Mendoza

Has 25+ years experience in engineering, purchasing and product development.  

After years of learning and perfecting the headlight restoration process as a master finisher, Dan decided to offer an affordable mobile solution for this automotive epidemic.

Let There Be Light embraces inspiration, information and innovation. Information sharing is at the heart of our company's mission statement for long term change. We recognize that the more open you are to sharing information, the greater the rewards.

We constantly challenge ourselves and the company to value and foster sustainable innovation.

Think Green

Let There Be Light products are non toxic and water soluble.  They do not contain any harsh solvents and will pose no damage to the environment.


To maintain our sustainability message, recycled materials are used for the product material, boxed format packaging, and paper label.  As an "eco-friendly" high performance restoration product, its essential that Let There Be Light's marketing efforts promote sustainability and give consumers reusable and recyclable solutions that encourage positive environmental changes, in the recycling of various plastic, glass and metal textiles.  This conversion allows us to maintain our existing environmentally responsible practices, discourage waste and reduce the amount of materials entering our ecosystems.


Let There Be Light believes that we should not only live up to our name (by shedding light on recycling), but should also set a higher standard for sustainability in the restoration industry.


We believe strongly in enlightening and informing the general public on important issues regarding vehicle safety. 


Our product has proven to be beneficial in various ways.  What began as a concern for driving safety has resulted in an innovative DIY product that cross sells between several channels (safety, DIY, classic restoration, various textiles, environmentally and economically).


"Inventions Are Not Innovations...Until They Solve a Customer's Problem."

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