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Dan did my headlights restoration. He did a great job. I also appreciated that he explained everything when I arrived to pick the car up. And he also gave me good tips as far as maintaining the headlights and car appearance in general.

His price is reasonable, and he did the job in an acceptable amount of time. I would go back to him when I need this service again.

Ed A. - Milpitas, CA


Fantastic product.  I had Let There Be Light come to my place and restore headlights about 6 years ago.  It was beautiful.  Of course, nothing lasts forever and I restored them again just now using the kit I bought from them.  After I saw it was so easy, I knew I could do it myself.  I don't mind if I have to do this every 6-7 years.  Makes your car look 10 years younger!  Seriously.

Gerald L. - San Jose, CA


I was basically speechless when I saw my restored headlights. LTBL did a fantastic job. The headlights look like new for less than a third of the "new price". I can only recommend this business.

Heinz-Bastian K. - Mountain View, CA


Did a great job at a good price. Would repeat for sure. Very organized and prompt, service only took about an hour

Max B. - Mountain View, CA


On time arrival, very professional, great service as advertised. 2000 Nissan Altima headlights looking as good as new!

Avishek N. (Sunnyvale, CA)


Dan did a wonderful job of restoring the headlights in our 2005 Honda Odyssey. I called him and fortunately for me he had a same day opening. I drove to his pop up location, and approximately 1.5 hours later left with perfect looking headlights. Dan is a true professional and cares about his customers, he told me how to maintain the headlights.

Roshan G. - Cupertino, CA


Easy to find location, very easy to set up an appointment and responded back to my calls immediately. Gave me a great price and great service. This guy is super knowledgeable and know his stuff if you ever have any issues with your headlights bring it to him he'll take care of you.

Kevin V. - San Jose, CA


The headlights on my car look great after bringing the car over to Dan! Fast turn-around time and prompt in response and setting up my appointment. Will definitely recommend to my friends!

Christian V. - San Jose, CA


Headlight Restoration Service




since 2008!


When the right way is the only way... choose

Let There Be Light Headlight Restoration

Service & Products.

Let There Be Light Mobile Headlight Restoration Service

guarantees you the following:

• Mobile door-to-door service at your convenience

• Expert quality restoration

• Improved driver and passenger safety

• Optimum visibility on restored headlight

We don't just clean your headlights with wipe on chemicals-

we properly restore them by refinishing them and protecting them.   

We will answer any questions you have about how to maintain that showroom finish going forward!

Yes, there are other lens restoration products and services available. The difference is that our products

have been engineered  to give your plastic lens the original factory clear protected finish!

We will properly restore your plastic lenses at a fraction of the cost of expensive headlight

assemblies and will save you hundreds of dollars.  We will not leave until we have answered

any and all questions you have about your restoration and how you can maintain that showroom finish!


7 days a week!

Call for an appointment


Standard Restoration

Mobile Service

(2 headlights)


Basic package

Recommended for:

Basic Strip, condition and polish.

Standard small size plastic headlight lenses.

Duration time is 1 Hour.

Does not include our premium Ceramic Coating for that long lasting

showroom finish!

Mobile mileage fee may apply within

San Francisco Bay Area.

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 7.50.02 PM.png

Medium Restoration

Mobile Service

(2 to 4 headlights)


starting at

Recommended for:

Light factory coating removal,

conditioning & polishing .

 Large size or 4 small size

plastic headlight lenses.

Duration time is 2 Hours.

Does not include our premium Ceramic Coating for that long lasting

showroom finish!

Mobile mileage fee may apply within

San Francisco Bay Area.

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 11.02.07

Deluxe Repair



starting at

Recommended for:

REMOVAL of old heavy dense adhered vinyl overlays, enamel sprayed clear coats or old  cyanoacrylate coatings. These must be Stripped from lenses

before proper lens restoration, conditioning, polishing

and final protection included.

Labor intensive.

Duration time is 3-4 Hours.

Includes our premium Ceramic Coating

for that long lasting showroom finish!

Mobile mileage fee may apply within

San Francisco Bay Area.

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 8.05.23 PM.png

Premium Ceramic Protection Service

silicon dioxide (Si02)

$25.00 per set 

The ultimate final protection after your proper restoration is recommended.

A long lasting silicon dioxide (Si02) Ceramic Coating protection. Lenses will need pre inspection and prep to require this quality service. Even if vehicle has brand new lights... a proper inspection must be completed by a qualified technician.

Actual prep and service time is dependent on the lens surface condition.

Comes with FREE Maintenance kit to maintain that showroom finish!


Premium Ceramic Maintenance Kit


2 oz. bottle of our best ceramic finish protection

with microfiber towel and

simple easy instructions.

Keep your vehicle lenses in top shape with our simple maintenance kit. Maintain that glorious showroom finish with our long lasting silicon dioxide (Si02) Ceramic Coating protection.

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See and be seen!

"When it comes to safety...

the choice is CLEAR!"


Finally, the perfect solution that will permanently restore cloudy, discolored, yellowed, or oxidized plastic headlight lenses and plastic items. Being seen is just as important as seeing! As more and more headlights and safety lights oxidize, the importance of clear nighttime visibility increases.


Clear lights will make it easier for you and other drivers to see you!

Got questions? We got answers!

At Let There Be Light you don't have to qualify for good service with us... you just have to be a customer!

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