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Daniel's customer service and work is A1. Showed up early, explained everything, and answered any questions I had. If you want save some money instead of replacing an entire headlight set, and not contributing to the electronic waste problem he is your guy!

Eleazar P. - Richmond, CA.



Excellent work from Dan. He was punctual, efficient, and reliable. I wish I had before and after pictures because he completely took the oxidation off my headlights and made them look brand new. Highly recommend for headlight restoration!

Lien H. - San Jose, CA.



My headlights look brand new. Will follow directions from Dan regarding upkeep. Glad to have tried something new. Will and do recommend this service. Let There Be Light Mobile Headlight Restoration, you do great work

Crystal W. - Mountain View, CA



IJust got my headlights on my 2012 Acura RDX restored yesterday and the results are amazing. Dan arrived on time, he's very friendly and the whole service took about 1.5 hours. Super convenient that he's mobile so he was able to meet me at my workplace and have this done while I was working. Love that. Attention to detail of his work and took time to explain aftercare thoroughly so that I can maintain the results for years to come. Will be recommending to friends and family as well.

Amanda R. - San Jose, CA

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I ran into Let There Be Light's website looking for sand paper while trying to repair myself a botched job from a different vendor on yelp which was actually highly rated. I did not want to trust contractors anymore and their reviews. But looking into it further, Dan mentioned he has been doing this for 15 years and his services were outlined on his website which is what drew me because it was straightforward. I knew that my lights still had clear coat which needed to be removed so I messaged Dan. He managed my expectations that it cannot be made to factory condition but will be able to do get to the substrate after grinding the clear coat and take out most of the cracking which is an issue with Porsche cars. Of course anything done by hand cannot be flawless so I accepted this. Dan spent 4 hours on it as he estimated. He explained to me every step of the way and what level he is now grinding. He is a very stand up guy and very professional. I saved $4,000 by not replacing my headlights!

Rex G. - Pittsburgh, CA

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Let there be light is right! Dan really worked his magic and turned back the clock on both my car's headlights to showroom condition! He takes great pride in his craft and it shows in both the process and the results. Very reasonably priced considering he is willing to drive all over the Bay Area to take care of customers at their homes or anywhere. Don't take shortcuts, get in touch with Dan and get it done right. He's a very personable guy. The cleaning kit he provides at the end of the job is a nice touch as well. Highly recommended!!!

Glen U. - Livermore, CA



Dan arrived on time and did a SUPER job restoring my yellowed headlights on my 2009 Acura RL. The  results are spectacular - they really look brand new!

Fair price, took about 1.5 hrs for headlights + fog lights. I'm very happy with the results and definitely recommend Dan.

David S. - Sunnyvale, CA



Shocking attention to detail. Why can't all service be this way. I was ready to have to replace these very expensive headlights on my new to me Porsche,  but he saved them with a meticulous approach to polishing made them darn near new.

Mark B. - San Jose, CA

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Dan is friendly and quick. I called around noon and he was at my door in an hour. Finished the job within a hour and the result looks amazing.

Adam S. - Livermore, CA

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Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 2.33.26 PM.png



Excellent service all around -- Dan gave me an estimate via Yelp message, booked me an appointment for the next day, showed up on time, and did excellent work. The headlights on my 2008 BMW X5 went from a clouded disaster to looking brand new.

Evan R. - Palo Alto, CA


Headlight Restoration Service




since 2008!


When the right way is the only way... choose

Let There Be Light Headlight Restoration

Service & Products.

Let There Be Light Mobile Headlight Restoration Service

guarantees you the following:

• Mobile door-to-door service at your convenience

• Expert quality restoration

• Improved driver and passenger safety

• Optimum visibility on restored headlight

We don't just clean your headlights with wipe on chemicals-

we properly restore them by refinishing them and protecting them.   

We will answer any questions you have about how to maintain that showroom finish going forward!

Yes, there are other lens restoration products and services available. The difference is that our products

have been engineered  to give your plastic lens the original factory clear protected finish!

We will properly restore your plastic lenses at a fraction of the cost of expensive headlight

assemblies and will save you hundreds of dollars.  We will not leave until we have answered

any and all questions you have about your restoration and how you can maintain that showroom finish!


7 days a week!

Call for an appointment


Standard Restoration

Mobile Service

(2 headlights)


Basic package

Recommended for:

Basic Strip, condition and polish.

Standard small size plastic headlight lenses.

Duration time is 1 Hour.

Does not include our premium Ceramic Coating for that long lasting

showroom finish!

Mobile mileage fee may apply within

San Francisco Bay Area.

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 7.50.02 PM.png

Medium Restoration

Mobile Service

(2 to 4 headlights)


starting at

Recommended for:

Light factory coating removal,

conditioning & polishing .

 Large size or 4 small size

plastic headlight lenses.

Duration time is 2 Hours.

Does not include our premium Ceramic Coating for that long lasting

showroom finish!

Mobile mileage fee may apply within

San Francisco Bay Area.

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 11.02.07 PM.pn

Deluxe Repair



starting at

Recommended for:

REMOVAL of old heavy dense adhered vinyl overlays, enamel sprayed clear coats or old  cyanoacrylate coatings. These must be Stripped from lenses

before proper lens restoration, conditioning, polishing

and final protection included.

Labor intensive.

Duration time is 3-4 Hours.

Includes our premium Ceramic Coating

for that long lasting showroom finish!

Mobile mileage fee may apply within

San Francisco Bay Area.

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 8.05.23 PM.png

Premium Ceramic Protection Service

silicon dioxide (Si02)

$25.00 per set 

The ultimate final protection after your proper restoration is recommended.

A long lasting silicon dioxide (Si02) Ceramic Coating protection. Lenses will need pre inspection and prep to require this quality service. Even if vehicle has brand new lights... a proper inspection must be completed by a qualified technician.

Actual prep and service time is dependent on the lens surface condition.

Comes with FREE Maintenance kit to maintain that showroom finish!


Premium Ceramic Maintenance Kit


2 oz. bottle of our best ceramic finish protection

with microfiber towel and

simple easy instructions.

Keep your vehicle lenses in top shape with our simple maintenance kit. Maintain that glorious showroom finish with our long lasting silicon dioxide (Si02) Ceramic Coating protection.

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See and be seen!

"When it comes to safety...

the choice is CLEAR!"


Finally, the perfect solution that will permanently restore cloudy, discolored, yellowed, or oxidized plastic headlight lenses and plastic items. Being seen is just as important as seeing! As more and more headlights and safety lights oxidize, the importance of clear nighttime visibility increases.


Clear lights will make it easier for you and other drivers to see you!

Got questions? We got answers!

At Let There Be Light you don't have to qualify for good service with us... you just have to be a customer!

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